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About Ancestral Link

Drums are one of the oldest instruments that people have had. They help people ground and find a connection to the infinite vibrations that are around them. The drums are made with special care along every step in order to be able to help people attune to higher vibrations and find a place within themselves where they can find answers, delve into their spiritual and emotional being and find a connection to the creator and others that are around them. The vibrations from these sacred drums help people calm their minds and bring them back to the dance of the present moment, where everything is possible.

The goal of Ancestral Link is to provide a tool from ancient times that will support humanity to raise and maintain their personal frequencies.

About xa xa smanxwt (David Fierro)


David (xa xa smanxwt) is of the Sylix/ Okanagan Nation. A culture keeper, David knows that all things are connected by the vibrations of light and sound and that knowledge is used in the creation of his  hand made drums.


David began building drums 20 years ago and his works is requested by clients internationally. Many hours over the course of weeks  go into each drum whether large or small in order to produce the best drums possible. Smudge is burned and prayers are said throughout the entire process.


Many First Nations’ Chiefs prize David’s drums and larger quantities are ordered as gifts for Longhouse Ceremonial gatherings, Coast Salish gatherings, Aboriginal awards and corporate events.


David continuously donates pieces to fundraisers such as the Kidney Foundation, Residential School Survivors, Squamish Trade Centre, Cultural Keepers and Teachers as well as raffles to help bring parents with newborns back to their traditional territories.

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