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September 21 & 22, 2023 (New!)

This is a 2-day all-inclusive workshop that can accommodate up to 10 participants.


Participants will learn how to create a full drum and tom-tom from raw materials. Before every workshop, David hand-builds the drum rounds using red cedar and prepares the elk hides in the traditional manner. Bear grease that he has rendered will be used to finish the drums.

"Drums are ancient tools for grounding and connecting with higher frequencies. They help individuals unlock a deeper spiritual and emotional connection to themselves and others. The vibrations they produce bring peace and presence to the mind."

David Fierro (Xa Xa Smanxwt), a member of the Westbank First Nation, has dedicated more than two decades to the art of drum making; as a Sundance Fire-keeper/singer and cultural knowledge keeper, he emphasizes the importance of traditional art forms in our economy, ecology, and relationship with the land. He also shares his knowledge of traditional hunting practices, hide tanning, and the respectful processing of animals (such as eagles and bears) used in sacred ceremonies. David shares this wisdom through his workshops, encouraging meaningful discussions.



314 Mariners Way, Mayne Island. Booking inquiries:

call venue contact at 778.235.2258

(Or if you prefer e-transfer.)

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