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Projects & Partnerships

The Healing Place • Tsi Tesakotitsén:tha

My partner and I are passionately dedicated to developing a sustainable farm and ranch for healing and learning, a project that is very close to our hearts and core purpose.  


Discover our vibrant, mixed-use properties where restoration and innovation thrive. Our organic, biodiverse, and biodynamic spaces are fully operational farms, offering a unique blend of sustainable land practices, farm stays, educational programs, and healing with a focus on food security/sovereignty.


Immerse yourself in environments that honour traditional wisdom, skills, and practices, all while embracing a healthy, regenerative, sustainable, and economically viable future.


"When we heal the land, we heal the people. 

When we heal the people, people reconnect to everything.

Through this reconnection, we realize everything is sacred.

With this awareness, we embrace our responsibility.

We become empowered with humility."

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