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David Fierro (xa xa smanxwt) Founder

David (xa xa smanxwt) embodies the wisdom of the Sylix/Okanagan Nation as a culture keeper. Understanding the universal connection between light and sound vibrations, he channels this knowledge into creating his handmade drums.

David’s dedication to the art of drum building spans decades and has earned him clients worldwide. Each drum is lovingly crafted, taking countless hours and weeks to achieve perfection. David imbues his work with spiritual significance, burning smudge and offering prayers throughout the process.

Many First Nations Chiefs highly value these drums. They are often sought as gifts for significant events such as Longhouse Ceremonial gatherings, Coast Salish gatherings, Aboriginal awards, and corporate events.

David Fierro Drum

Drums date back to ancient times, serving as powerful tools for grounding oneself and connecting with the infinite vibrations around us. With each careful step in the drum-making process, these instruments are fashioned to help individuals attune to higher frequencies, unlocking a deeper connection to their spiritual and emotional selves, as well as to Creator and those around them. The sacred vibrations produced by these drums can quiet the mind and bring one back to the present moment, where anything is possible.

Pieces are regularly donated to fundraisers such as the Kidney Foundation, Residential School Survivors, Squamish Trade Centre, Cultural Keepers and Teachers, and raffles to help bring parents with newborns back to their traditional territories.

Ancestral Link aims to offer a timeless resource that supports humanity by empowering individuals to elevate and sustain their own frequencies.

[Download PDF: David Fierro’s CV - Environmental Portfolio]

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