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Green Tech

Reflecting on my passion for sustainable communities, I am reminded of the importance of being prepared for unforeseen events. That is why I have made it my primary concern to ensure that these communities have access to all the necessary resources they need, such as food, power, water, clothing, and medical security. 


By integrating green tech into these communities, we can not only provide for their needs but also market any surplus to local markets or even export it abroad. My deep study and research have allowed me to determine which green tech systems work best together and which are most suitable for specific geographies and roles. My extensive CV showcases my involvement in many major projects across Canada, including those related to highways, tunnels, ports, and the environment. 


I am always looking for new green tech emerging on the market and potential opportunities to fund or support startups to make communities more efficient. I am particularly interested in finding solutions to the issue of fugitive gas from abandoned oil wells and the environmental impact assessments for pipelines. As I continue to explore new green energy projects, I am excited by the possibilities they hold, from windmills to tidal power to geothermal and solar innovations. I have access to a network of experts in the field, including engineers, policymakers, and company owners. 


But my vision goes beyond just providing energy. I am excited about the potential for vertical greenhouse systems to stabilize crops and absorb carbon dioxide while supplying a vast market with fresh produce. And with the opportunity to provide traditional and medicinal plants, every business section can make money while supporting each other. I am passionate about the possibilities of green tech to create sustainable and thriving communities for generations to come.

I have a unique approach to team building that involves creating drums with corporate staff who are passionate about bringing green tech developments to the territories. I am able to provide valuable insights through the lens and optics in which First Nations view green technology and prioritize their concerns and primary wants. 


By incorporating these factors into the program, everyone can come to the table with a better understanding of each other's needs. It's important to establish open lines of communication with the community and allow them to voice their concerns freely. This collaborative and living process is essential for success and will help ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal. As a mediator, I can work with both sides of the table to find common ground and create a living document that will guide the project forward. By integrating the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders, we can create a brighter future for everyone involved.


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