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18" Ceremonial Drum

18" Ceremonial Drum

Throughout time, hand drums have been used by people around the globe to create a private, personal space to meditate, create new stories and songs or just relax.


In a group drums can be used as a tool for story-telling, setting a rhythm for songs whether around a campfire, public gathering or in ceremony. Hand Drums are portable, easy to maintain and easy to play, even by a toddler. Quite often drums will display a painting of a family crest, legend, spirit animal, vision, accomplishments or a group that a person belongs to.


    Given that drums are such an important part of Indigenous culture, all store items are available for equal trade to Indigenous people and communities. Email if you would like to offer a trade. Please note that this offer is only available to Indigenous people and communities and only in exchange for an item of equal value.


    Please note that shipping is invoiced separately after the item has been completed. Items can take up to 6 weeks to make and ship.

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