Pow Wow Drums

  • Prices for Pow Wow Drums range from $2,000 - $8,000. 

    Sizes range from 24"-48". Larger sizes can be made by special request.

    Drum rounds are made from 2" thick old growth cedar. Other woods may be used in construction by request- price may vary. 

    Drum stand and 4-8 tom toms included depending on size ordered.

    These pieces are all custom and unique. We will require information regarding:

    Location ( heat/ cold/ humidity considerations for stringing and tuning)

    Nation ( type of hide for facing- buffalo/ elk/ moose/ horse or exotic

    Painting( color pallete/ designs/ animals)

    Accessories ( Buffalo felt liner/ horse tail accents/ buckskin braids, etc)

    Information on care and responsibilities of being a pow wow drum holder will be included.

    Please email davidfierrooba@gmail.com to plan your Pow Wow


Drums are one of the oldest instruments that people have had....

David Fierro, Drum Maker/Artist

Email: Davidfierrooba@gmail.com

Phone: 604-910-8001


British Columbia, Canada

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