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24" Pow Wow Drums

24" Pow Wow Drums

Across North America, the Pow Wow has become a symbol for Cultural resilience and rebirth. The Pow Wow dancers are not dancing for themselves but for all relations. They dance for the elders, animals, earth, for the sick and for the people. Feeding the energy of these powerful ancient ceremonies are the Pow Wow drums.


Making Pow Wow drums is a gift and responsibility- as is ownership of such a sacred item. Drum maker David Fierro hand crafts all his drums and works with clients to ensure they understand the significance of owning these special items. All owners of Pow Wow drums are asked to be in attendance to an awakening ceremony in which the voice or heartbeat of the drum is awakened. The owner is imbued with responsibilities for drum ownership so that this heartbeat can be shared with the world bringing healing, celebration and hope to all that play, dance and hear it’s song.


    Given that drums are such an important part of Indigenous culture, all store items are available for equal trade to Indigenous people and communities. Email if you would like to offer a trade. Please note that this offer is only available to Indigenous people and communities and only in exchange for an item of equal value.


    Please note that shipping is invoiced separately after the item has been completed. Items can take up to 6 weeks to make and ship.

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